Clay Packet

Clay Packet
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  • Free shipping and discount codes do not apply to this item.
  • Choose CLAY PACKET ONLY: If you have paid for your design and have your kit in hand and need replacement clay to re-do a print, you may order your pack of clay from this link. We will only send a clay, not a full kit.
  • Choose CLAY PACKET WITH KIT: If you have already sent your kit back to us and we recommended that you re-do a print,choose this option to receive a full kit. The extra $15 covers handling and the shipping and packaging of the kit back to us.
  • Do not purchase this unless we have your fully paid design order and we are waiting to receive your re-done prints to complete your order. If we have previously completed a design for you, a new kit/new design purchase is necessary for new orders. 
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Price $22.50