'Love Locker' Heart Locket With Fingerprint Charm

Tina Steinberg Designs, Unordinary Personalized Fingerprint Jewelry, Temecula, California.
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Sterling silver and recycled glass heart locket with 1 fingerprint charm. Charm includes an 8 character inscription on back. Specify below.

  • Locket is double sided and on a swivel so you can rotate it and see through glass on the other side.
  • Locket size = 1 inch diameter and .5 inches thick. 
  • Add up to 1 more fingerprint charm below ($85 each, Little Love Charmer). 
  • Locket fingerprint charms do not come with holes or jump rings.
  • Does not include chain. Is shown with our Hexagon Link chain. More chains here.
  • Purchasing implies that you have read our customer service page and understand the special care of lockets and that there are no returns nor exchanges for custom items. Return fingerprint kit within 1 month.
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Price $180.00